Road Race Car

This is Bill's Road Racing car.  He purchased it in 2005.  It was an ASA car that was built by Howie Lettow.  David Stremne drove the car in ASA in the early 2000's.  It was coined "Bob the Builder" because it obtained heavy damage and they repaired it quickly.  You can still see the hand written "Bob the Builder" on the radiator core today.

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Mid American Stock Car

This is Bill's Mid American Stock Car.  He has raced this vehicle at many different tracks ranging from a 1/4 mile oval to a 4 mile road course and dirt to asphalt.  Sometimes all in one weekend.
The Mid American series has gone to many different tracks over the years and we have been lucky enough to have been with them since their start on the asphalt since the beginning.   He is the only one that has been with the series since it's inception on the asphalt in 1993.
He has 3 championships with the series and many feature wins and fast times.

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"The Wedge"

The Wedge was built for the Hales Corners Open Show in 1985 and 1986.  This car is still remembered today for the spectacle that it made at the Open Show.  It set fast time with a brand new track record, he won his heat race and the feature giving him his first clean sweep.  After the last show he raced it in, he dismantled the car and put the pieces in our attic in our garage.  Hales Corners had no more extravagant open shows after that.
In 2006 he found a chassis that was what it originally had.  He bought it and started to rebuild it in 2010.  It took him the next 2 years rebuild it with the original body parts and lexon that he had back in 1986.  We now take it to shows and other events for display.  He gets many compliments and a lot of  "I remember that car" comments.