November 19th, 2018

NOW it's the end of the year.  We had a great trip to Springfield MO.  We drove 1260 ish miles to run an eight lap heat race and a twenty lap feature.  This was the first time that Bill could actually run the Legend well.  He finished 9th in the feature but was running right with the fast cars in front of him.  He was quite happy with the race.
I will try to recap some of our season.
Bill raced the Mid Am car 6 times this year.  Due to a rain out at Rockford, our season started out at Madison and finished in La Crosse.  He had 1 crash at Tomah and finished last there.  He ended up with 2 fifth place finishes, 1 fourth place, 1 third place and 1 win.  He also had 1 fast time and 2 second in time.That was a pretty good season in itself.  The season ended with Bill finishing 4th for the year with him skipping the Grundy race altogether.
Now for the Legend.  Still not quite got the handle on that car even though he raced it 8 times this year.  Probably his favorite place was  at US Air Motorsports Park in Shawano.  There he finished 4th on the road course.  The rest of the year he finished somewhere between 9th and 11th.  He finished the year at Springfield, MO with a 9th place finish.
Next we have the Modified.  He ended up running 3 different  modifieds this year.  The first one was the number 5 Wild car built by Jim Watson.  He ran that car until he ended up in the wall at The Dells in the middle of July.  When the crash happened he was the point leader at The Dells.  The next one he drove was Bill Tandetzke's #1 car which he ran at Plover starting July 30th.  The next one he drove was an old "Lightening" dirt car that was transformed into an asphalt car.  That car was actually built in only a couple of days with more manpower than you can imagine.  That car had the #11 on it and Bill started driving it at The Showdown at the Dells in Sept.  He won at least 1 feature with all three cars and a total of 5 feature wins with all the modifieds.  Besides the 5 feature wins he also had 3 seconds, 1 third, 1 forth and 1 fifth and 2 crashes.  He also had 3 fast times with the modified.  He out pointed the track champion every night except for the 2 races that he crashed in.  Bill finished 3rd in the Modified at The Dells at the end of the season.
One more car he drove was the Road Race car.  Last February he drove to Austin, Texas for a SCCA race.  He raced at The Circuit of the Americas and enjoyed every minute.  On the way home, he drove through a major snow storm  but made it home safely.
I would personally like to thank all the people that made this happen this year.  First the Mid Am car.  Bill and I had a lot of help from Jeff and Tom Jasinski.  Whenever we needed anything, they were the first to volunteer.
The Legend car.  Thanks to Dan Mech for letting Bill have some fun with that car.  It's been a struggle for him but I think he may just have a chance to overcome it.  Thanks to Ryan for checking air pressure and other maintenance that goes on at the track and to Natalie, Diane and Ally for some great pictures.
The Modified.  Where to start for that one.  First Bill Tandetzke for trusting Bill not to wreck too many of his cars.  It was a great season and we both had a lot of fun with those cars.  With Bill T came his faithful crew of Gary Budzien his son Mike and occasionally Chris Ward would help.  Even Gary's wife, Sue would show up at the track.  More helping hands were Jeff and Tom Jasinski.  Whenever they showed up I got a little vacation.  They did all my work or most of it anyway.  Thanks to all that made our season a success.
We will be going to The Dells banquet on Dec 1st and the Mid Am banquet in January.
Last year Bill said that we may be slowing down our racing a little....he said.   Only going when we want to....he said.  Maybe finding something else to do....he said.  So in 2018 Bill raced 30 times.  So much for slowing down....she said.
Maybe next year we will slow down a little.

November 13th, 2018

Well our season isn't over yet.  In the freezing cold and possible snow, we will be heading south to Springfield, Missouri for a Legends race.  It will be a quick trip.  We are leaving on Friday afternoon, racing on Saturday and headed home on Sunday.  I will let you all know how things turn out.

Oct 16th, 2018

We did go to US Air Motorsports Park in Shawano last Sunday.  It started raining half way there and didn't stop until half way home.  Road courses race in the rain so there was no turning back.  I knew they were going to race.
He practiced and then qualified placing 4th in time.  As usual with road racing they started fast on the pole and Bill finished 4th in his heat.  That being said, they decided to invert the top four for the feature so Bill started on the pole.  Within a couple of laps he was in 4th place and that is where he finished.  There was obviously 3 Legends that was faster than him all day.
They raced in the rain most of the day and when it wasn't raining, there was water on the track.  All three of the cars came home pretty muddy.  Ryan Mech placed a very strong 2nd with Dan Mech not finishing due to brake issues.  Still a fun but cold race day.
We have possibly one more race with the Legends car.  There are plans for a race somewhere in Springfield, MO in the middle of November.  I will keep you posted.

Oct 8th, 2018

Another challenging weekend with Mother Nature.  Cold and wet were the key words this weekend although they did get the racing in.
We got there late Friday night and parked for the weekend in the upper pit area.  The Mid Am cars ran on Saturday and the Modifieds ran Sunday.
After drying the track Saturday, Bill practiced the Mid Am and found it to be as ok as it was going to be.  Later in the afternoon there was another practice session with the same results.  Qualifying time came and he could only manage a 10th place in time.  That started him in the second row of the heat.  He managed to win the heat and received his first "Octoberfest winner" hat.  They are always a prized possession from La Crosse.  Bill also started 2nd row inside for the feature but could only manage a 5th place finish for that race.  Still a good day but not exactly what he was hoping for.
Sunday came around with more promises of rain.  Another cold and damp day.  Bill didn't want to practice too much as he didn't have extra tires and he didn't want to wear them out before racing even started.  They lined up the heat race (maybe by practice times.  Don't really know how) and again Bill started second row inside.  He took the lead early and never looked back.  He won that heat and received another "Octoberfest winners" hat.  Two in one weekend.  Wow.
When it was finally our feature time, they started Bill in the last row inside.  (7 car field, 3rd row inside)  Bill took the lead on lap 3.  He had a hard charging attempt from the #5 of Dave Edwards for most of the remaining laps.  Dave would get up to him and then fall back just a little.  Bill did hang onto the lead and won the main event.  Yup you guessed it, another "Octoberfest Winner" hat.  He was in victory circle 3 times in one weekend.  Nice job.
In the past years he had won 2 Mid Am fest features and one Truck feature.  In 96 he won his first Mid Am feature which happened to be at Octoberfest.  Then in 97 he won the Mid Am Car and Mid Am Super Truck features in the same year at Octoberfest.
Congratulations to LaCrosse Speedway.  You did a great job getting all the races in on a less than desirable weather weekend.
I just found out that our year isn't done yet.  Bill wants to go to US Air in Shawano for a Legend race next Sunday, Oct 14th.  That is a road course and we all know how much he loves them.  He's really looking forward to that.  Hope we get some sunshine far a change.  See you all there.

Oct 2nd, 2018


That was a very long weekend at Rockford.  It started on Thursday with practice for both the Mid Am and Modified cars.  Both went smoothly with some minor changes.  Bill came back to work on Friday and then headed back to the track Friday night.
Saturday proved to be a little challenging due to the weather.  The Modifieds did get qualifying in (Bill got 4th and Bill Tandetzke got 6th).  They also managed to get the heat races in Saturday night.  Bill finished 4th and Bill T finished 5th.  It then started to rain and the rest of the night for us was rescheduled for Sunday morning.  Our feature was the 2nd feature on Sunday morning.  Bill lined up 2nd row outside behind the #1 of Bill Tandetzke.  On the start of the race both Bill's took off for a small lead on the third place car.  After a few laps the third place car of Justin Okruhlica #54 was making his way through the field.  He got side by side with Bill and eventually passed both of the Bill's for the lead.  Bill P eventually passed Bill T and set out after the #54 car but could not pull off the win.  We finished in 2nd with Bill T finishing 5th.
On to Sundays scheduled races.  Due to the rain and track drying time our qualifying went to group timing.  Bill ended up with 6th in time.  After the dice roll he started the feature in the second row outside.  We had the largest field of cars this year at Rockford.  I believe there was at least 24 cars in the field. I'm certainly glad he started near the front.
At the start of the race Ryan Gutknecht took the lead with Bill running 3rd behind the #23 of Cody Clubb.  A few laps later Bill got around Cody and set out to catch Ryan.  He was within a car length of Ryan when a yellow came out for the #3 car of Ron Vandermeir who was sitting in the turn 2 wall.  Ryan slowed down for the incident and Bill ended up turning Ryan.  The yellow was for Vandermeir and Ryan got his lead back.  It was back to chasing Ryan down after the green came out.  With a few more laps in the book Bill passed Ryan when he got loose coming out of turn 4.  With a few more yellows for various incidents Bill cruised on to the victory.  It was also the Vercaurteran Memorial race and Bill got to take that trophy home as well as the beautiful NSTC eagle trophy.
Thanks to all who worked so hard to get the track in shape after all the rain this past weekend.  They all did a great job.  Thanks also to the Modified series for all the great sponsors that they brought along.
Our next race for the year will be LaCrosse for their year end special.  Hope Mother Nature cooperates with one more fun weekend.

Sept 24th, 2018

What a weekend.  They did get the car done Friday night and after a whole 2 hours of sleep, Bill loaded it and headed to The Dells.  He had 2 practice sessions where he tweaked the car a little and qualified 6th.  He was a little disappointed with his qualifying time.  They took half of the field and inverted them.  With a 12 car field that put Bill on the pole for the first of 2 twenty-five lap features.  He took the lead and pulled away with quite a lead.  With about 5 or 6 to go the second place car of Justin Okruhlica #54, was catching him quickly.  Lapped traffic helped Bill and he held him off for the win.   The next race won't be so easy.
Bill had to start behind everyone except lapped cars.  As the green flag flew he tagged the car in front of him and bent in the nose bar.  It wasn't too bad and they had a complete restart.  Now I was in the spotters tower calling the race for Bill and I still cannot understand how the race played out.  There was a spin in turns 1-2 that involved the #54 and #5.  After some (loud) conversation on the radio they put them back in their original spots and continued the race.  Another caution came and still I don't understand.  In the end, on the last lap the #54 of Okruhlica spun right in front of Bill.  Bill avoided him and crossed the finish line in front of him for 2nd place with Matt Pate winning that feature.  I don't understand how they figured out how the overall finish of the 2 features ended up, and I don't know where Bill did finish.  If I ever do find out I will let you know.
Bill was very pleased with how that 20 year old dirt car transformed into an asphalt car worked.  I have to thank all that worked on it and all the time they sacrificed to get it into shape. From last Sunday to this past Saturday they had spent all available hours working on the car.  Not to mention that everyone has a full time (real) job also. (And families)  Special thanks to the owner of the car Bill Tandetzke for even thinking about doing this.  Jeff and Tom Jasinski for all of their long hours.  Dan Mech helped one night and even Teri Janisik pitched in helping me clean up the car.  I will have to try to figure out how to add a couple of pictures.  Not sure if I know how to use this program good enough yet.
We will be going to the Notional Short Track Championships Sept 29th and 30th.  The Modified runs Saturday and the Mid Am will run on Sunday.  It's going to be a great racing weekend.  Come and say HI!

Sept 20th, 2018

Well our agenda has changed just a little.  This Saturday is the Sept Showdown at the Dells.  Right now Bill is working on a new Modified (used\new to us) that Bill Tandetzke had laying around his shop.  It's been redone for the asphalt and they started rebuilding it this past Sunday.  They are making progress on it but have a really long way to go if they want to race it this Saturday night.  The body is going on now but a lot of little stuff needs to be done.  I won't know until late Friday night if it is going to make it or not to the Dells.  If it does go I will write about it early next week.  New car number may be 11.  I don't think we ever ran #11 before.

Sept 12th, 2018

There was no taming of the shrew this week.  Bill is getting better at it but still not the performance he would like.  He did get third in his heat race but still not a stellar race.
Feature time came and he started in the 5th row inside.  He got passed by a few cars and then he passed a few cars.  In the end he finished 11th and was happy that he didn't spin out.  He may do a little practicing on Sun Sept 16th at Chilton but we will see if we get there or not.
Next on our agenda will be Rockford with the Mid Am car for the Short Track Championships.  If there is anything left we will go to Octoberfest in LaCrosse on Oct 6th.  See you all there.

Sept 7th, 2018

Sorry it took the whole week to update.
We were hoping for a better end to our season with the Modified at The Dells but it wasn't meant to be.  Bill qualified just out of the dash and had to start at the end of the heat race.  He couldn't manage to get through the field of cars so he settled for 3rd.  He started the feature hoping for a good finish but managed to slightly scrape the wall as he took the green.  It took a few laps but the right front tire went down with about 10 or 12 laps to go.  He had managed to get up to 3rd by this time but it was all for nothing.  He came into the pits but it took 7 laps to change the tire.  He finished last in the feature event and was lucky to hang onto 3rd place for a season end finish.  Disappointing to say the least but a good guy ended up with the championship.  Jerry Blystone was fun to race against and he had a more consistent season than we did and was able to pull off his very first championship.  Nice job.  Matt Pate passed Bill in points also with his great finishing spot in the feature.  Both Jerry and Matt were great competitors this year.  It was fun racing with most of the field at The Dells.  Lets see what next year will bring.
As for the Mid Am car... It too was a little unmanageable this past weekend.  He finished the feature in 4th and managed to bring it home dent free.
We will be at Beaver Dam this weekend with the Legend car.  Sure wish he could tame that shrew.  I'll let you know how he does next week.
If you see him on Saturday at Beaver Dam, give him a quick hi and Happy Birthday.  Thanks.

August 27th, 2018

We sure can't complain about Saturday at The Dells.  Bill was happy with the car right from the start.  He qualified 3rd and placed 4th in the dash.
Bill started the feature in the 3rd row inside position.  Every move was just as he liked and before it was half over he was in the lead.  He stayed there until the end and brought home another win.  He made a comment to Bill Tandetzke  that that was the best car he has ever had.
Our last point night for the Modified will be this Saturday night at The Dells.  Bill is currently 5 points behind the leader of Jerry Blystone.  5 points is hard to make up but it is possible.  It will be a fun night.  Come on out and join the fun.
Forgot to mention, he will also have the Mid Am car there for another Mid American Stock Car series race.  Yup, should be a good night.
Both Bill and Bill Tandetzke (along with us girls) will be at the Racing Roundup show, along with the Modified.  This week it will be at Indian Motorcycle of Metro Milwaukee.  It is on Racine Ave in Muskego.

August 21st, 2018

I was reminded this week that our race at Plover was not on Aug 25th.  It was actually this past Saturday.  My typo mistake, sorry for the confusion and thanks Andy.  We headed to Plover Saturday morning following Bill Tandetzke in his motor home.  He ended up with mechanical problems towing his Modified.  He had to be towed home and transferred tow vehicles to get his car to the track.  We started to have problems also and was hoping to make it to the track.  We did, although it took a little longer than expected.
Our practice sessions went well with the Mid Am car and qualifying was only one place out of great, turning 2nd.  The feature found us starting in the 4th row inside.  Bill started to work his way up the field and had just passed Lyle Nowak for 3rd.  Lyle was fighting back when he spun in turn 4 and the first caution came out with 3 to go.  As the field came around another spin in turn 4 gave us our 2nd yellow.  The final caution came out with 2 laps to go.  We ended up finishing 3rd at the end of the race.
Bill Tandetzke did make it to the track in time to race his Modified.  I got to spot for him in the feature and he finished 5th in his race.
This weekend Aug 25th we will be racing the Modified again at the Dells.  See you all there.
Bill fixed our motor home and it drives good as new.

August 13th, 2018

It was an interesting racing weekend this past week.  Friday we headed to Tomah for a Mid Am race.  He qualified 2nd and finished 2nd in his heat.  Now, Tomah is a narrow track with some potential to pass on the outside.  As Bill was passing on the outside a car that was 2 rows in front of him got a little sideways which made the car next to Bill turn right going into the first turn.  Bill not only climbed on the right side of the other car but it sent him spinning into a tractor tire that lined the race track.  That was on lap 5 and it ended our night there.
On to the Dells on Saturday.  Another warm day at the track.  This time he was 3rd in time and finished 2nd in the fast dash.  With the start of the feature Bill got in 2 to 3 laps before the first yellow came out.  The number 54 modified slowed down in turn 2 and Bill tagged him.  They both had to go to the rear of the field on the restart.  When the green flag flew again Bill started to move forward.  He was behind a couple of cars that were fighting for position when they got together.  In the end Bill hit one of those cars and bent his right front spindle.  It was towed out 8 inches.  The only good thing about that wreck is that there was a red flag on the track that took about 30 minutes to clean up.  In that amount of time our great crew plus Chris Storey, had the opportunity to make the car race-able again and he came back to the track in plenty of time.  Now there was 17 laps left in the race but again he had to start in the rear.  He was lucky enough to get up to third and that is where he finished.  It felt like a win to him after all the carnage that went on on the track.  Thanks to all that worked so hard to get him back on the track.  You guys are the best.
Our next adventure will be this Saturday night, Aug 25th, at Plover's Golden Sands Speedway.  The Mid American cars will be there along with the Modifieds.  Bill Tandetzke will be driving the Modified that night and I get to spot for him.  Oh boy, can't wait.

July 30th, 2018

What a great racing weekend we had.  On Friday afternoon we left for Golden Sands Speedway.  Bill practiced at least 3 times and each time he changed something to make the Modified better.  This was the first time he had raced Bill Tandetzke's #1 Modified this year and needed to adjust it to his liking.  Qualifying went well with Bill turning fast time.  He finished his heat race in 2nd place.  Time for the feature and one more tweek on the car.  He made it look easy going to the front.  With one slick move on the back stretch he drove his way to the front.  He had a big lead when a yellow came out.  On the restart he stayed in the lead but had a couple of cars following close behind.  One more yellow in the late stages of the race.  On the restart he again took the lead and finished the race first.
We had a great group of guys there helping us.  Gary and Mike Budzien along with Bill Tandetzke and Teri Janasak all helped him out.  I felt like I was on vacation.
We spent the night at Golden Sands and headed to the Dells on Saturday for their weekly show.  Bill set the car up for that track with a few more adjustments.  He was ready for qualifying and again took fast time honors.  The dash wasn't the greatest with a 4th place finish.  Feature time came and he was ready to go.  After an early caution flag came out in the first couple of laps Bill restarted the race in the second row outside.  He managed to get into 2nd place, but could never get to the leader of Matt Pate.  Bill and Matt had, what I thought, was a comfortable lead when I saw the fastest car in the joint coming up.  Jerry Blystone blistered the track and on the final lap made a futile attempt to pass Bill for second.  The finish was Pate, Bill and Blystone.  It was a great race.
And again the great crew of Bill T, Gary and Mike Budzien and Chris were there to help.  Thanks guys, I love my vacation time.
Our next adventures will be Tomah on August 10th with the Mid Am car.  Yes, you heard it right, the Mid Am car is coming out of moth balls for it's third race of the season.  After Tomah on Friday night we will be back at The Dells for another Modified race.  Love to see you guys at the track.  Come by and say hi.

July 25th, 2018

We headed to Rockford early Saturday so Bill could practice with his NEW modified.  We arrived around 1:30 and so did the rain.  As soon as we unloaded it started to rain.  It rained off and on the rest of the afternoon. About 4:30 they cancelled the show.  So we packed up and went home.
This weekend we have a race in Plover on Friday July 27th with the modified.   We haven't been there for a couple of years and are  looking forward to racing at that track.  Then on Saturday we will be going back to The Dells with the modified for a regular night of racing.
Hope to see you all there.

July 19th, 2018

Bill will be driving Bill Tandetzke's modified this Saturday at Rockford for their special show.  He will also be driving it the rest of the season at The Dells.  I'll let you know how that turns out.  Or better yet, come on down to Rockford.

July 16th, 2018

Angell Park was still a test run.  Bill had an issue with the heat race and ended up spinning in turn 4.  He didn't touch anything but his pride was a little bruised.  He decided to make a drastic change for the feature and it helped a little bit.  He went from the tail of the field (18) to 9th by the end of the race.  Still not to his liking but better than it was.
This past Saturday we went to The Dells with the Modified.  It's been a great year running that vehicle until Saturday.  He was point leader going into the night.  He had a good qualifying lap turning 3rd fast.  He was stuck behind a couple of cars in the dash but managed to finish 2nd there.
He never got up to full speed in the feature, when on the 5th lap the #14 decided to use the lane that Bill was in.  Bill rode up and over the right side tires and ended up in the wall with first the front end and then the back.  That was the first Modified that Jim Watson built back in 2001.  The Wild car is no more.  They have decided not to rebuild it.  We will see what will happen for the rest of the season and I will try to keep you posted.
They are working on some options for Saturday night for the big Rockford show.  Not sure what will happen yet.

July 6th, 2018

So, as usual I missed a couple of weeks worth of updates.  I will try to get back on track.
On Friday June 22nd, we went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a Mid American race.  Bill practiced well and ended up getting fast time.  Feature time came and I don't remember how he got there but he finished 5th.  Still a good night.
We had a friend towed the Modified to The Dells for a Saturday night race.  He wasn't comfortable during practice and was really surprised to end up 2nd in time.  He managed to pull off a 4th place finish in the feature.  All in all a great racing weekend.  Drove both cars in the trailer and made it  home safely.
Last Saturday June 30th, Bill took the Legend car to Beaver Dam for a race there.  He still is not comfortable in that car but finished 3rd in his heat race.  He started well back in the feature and came through the field.  He actually looked comfortable in the car.  A few laps later he lost a few spots but quickly took them back.  In the end he finished 9th.  He's getting a little better but still has a ways to go.
Our plans for this weekend are to go to Angell Park for a Legend's race.  It is Pepsi Nationals night along with a great fireworks display.  The date for that event will be Sunday, July 8th.  Angell Park is always a fun night.  Come on out and join us.  See you there.

June 21st, 2018

We are heading to Cedar Rapids Iowa in the morning for a Mid Am race and then on to The Dells for a Modified race Saturday night.  Hope you can all make it to the tracks and if not I will update on Monday.

June 11th, 2018

Ryan Mech had a very bad night at Beaver Dam on Sat June 2nd.  Since our Legend is their back up car we got to watch Ryan race it at Sun Prairie.  We found out that Bill needs to change his driving style if he ever wants to conquor that car.  Ryan proved that the car is pretty fast.  He took second in the feature.
We took the modified to The Dells this past Saturday night.  The car was fast all night long.  He got fast time with our car owner Bill Tandtzke, taking 2nd in time.  After Bill placed 4th in the fast dash, he lined up for the feature in the 5th row inside.  The green flag flew and Bill found on opening and pulled up to 5th place before the first of 3 yellow flags came out.  Bill lined up second row outside and was going after the leader fairly quickly.  The next yellow came out after a couple of more laps.  Now Bill started on the outside of row one and had a strong battle with the other number 5 car of Russ Moberly.  Bill did eventually pass him for the lead.  He stretched out the lead when Jerry Blystone passed Russ Moberly and was now running 2nd.  Bill had a 4 or 5 car lead that shrank to a 1 to 2 car lead when the white flag came out.  Then a spin in turn 4 happened and I thought they would do a green, white checker.  Lucky for us they threw the yellow and checker.  Whew what a race.  Bill won the race with Jerry Blystone 2nd and Russ Moberly 3rd.
As of right now our next weekend is off.  No racing on our schedule.  The following weekend will be Friday at Hawkeye Downs with the Mid Am car and Saturday night at The Dells with the Modified.

June 1st 2018

It looks like we will just be going to Sun Prairie this Sunday June 3rd with the Legend.  We will be going to the old Cedarburg race track on Sat June 2nd for some revisiting with old friends.  It is always a good time talking to old friends.  Both Bill and I raced at the old track so many years ago.  Hope to see you there.

May 29th, 2018

It was a warm one at the Dells this weekend but at least it didn't rain.  Bill was happy with his practice sessions with all of the changes he had to make over the winter.  It must have been all right as he ended up turning fast time in the Modified division.  His heat race was not that spectacular.  He got caught behind a couple of cars and wasn't able to pass.  He finished 4th or 5th in the dash with Bill Tandetzke winning it.
Bill started the feature in the last row.  The first caution flag flew after the first lap was finished.  Luckily it wasn't for us.  Bill Tandetzke's car was sitting in the first turn with his left front off the car after an incident with someone driving over his car.  He was done for the night.  Bill restarted the feature again from the back and progressed through the field.  He battled for the lead for a couple of laps but ended up finishing 2nd.  Not a bad night.  One more spot would have been better.
Sunday we went to Francis Creek with Dan Mech's Legend.  Bill seems to struggle with this car.  He was hoping with some of the changes he made over the winter, that it would be better for him.  That wasn't the case.  He struggled in the heat race and again in the feature.  He finished 10th in the feature and shook his head all the way home.  Someday he will have it figured out.  I did tape the race as in the front it was pretty exciting.  Dan Mech started in the front row and led the whole race.  Not sure if he knew who was running second.  His son Ryan was right there knocking on his back bumper for the last 4 or 5 laps.  Dan ended up winning the race and Ryan finished 2nd.
Bill keeps threatening me with next weekend.  We could take the Legend Friday to Darlington (WI), Saturday to Beaver Dam and Sunday to Sun Prairie.  I personally think it will be just Sun Prairie but I will let you all know later.  He's still trying to butter me up for all three.

May 22nd, 2018

Mother Nature isn't cooperating with us racers very well.  Our last race date was cancelled due rain.  This weekend we have plans to go to the Dells again on Saturday, May 26th, with the Modified and then on May 27th we may go to 141 with Dan Mechs Legend.  So whoever is doing those rain dances better cut it out.  See you at the race tracks.

May 8th, 2018

Gregg McKarns couldn't have asked for a better day for the Joe Shear Memorial.  Warm and sunny for the entire weekend.
Practice on Saturday went well enough for Bill.  He figured the track might change a little for the race on Sunday.  We did have one practice session Sunday, but only for about 10 minutes.  Glad we decided to go there Saturday for practice.
They qualified with 5 cars on the track at the same time.  They gave you 3 laps and they take the best of the 3 laps as you qualifying time.  Bill ended up with 2nd in time.  He also ended up 2nd in his heat race.  Bill lined up for the feature in the forth row inside.  He did manage to pass a couple of cars during the 30 lap race but only managed to place 4th at the end.
Our next race will be this Saturday at the Dells with Bill Tandetzke's modified.  They changed a few rules for that division so we are anxious to see how the car will be.  Looking forward to going back to WI Dells Raceway Park.  I will let you all know how that one turns out.

April 30th, 2018

Our season has finally begun after the long winter and one snowed out date at Rockford.
We went to Beaver Dam Raceway on Saturday with Dan Mech's Legend.  Bill has not been on that track since the 80's and it was a different configuration since then.  There is no qualifying for the Legends so he lined up for the heat race.  He was scheduled for the front row but decided to start in the rear.  He's still not confident that he has enough experience in that car to not get run over.  He did come through the field and finished 3rd in the heat.  As a matter of fact Dan finished 3rd in his heat and Ryan Mech also finished 3rd in his heat.  He was looking forward to the feature.  I think he had a little more confidence that the car would come to him.  He started right in the middle of the field, I think it was row 5.   The field came around on  the very rough track.  Bill was three wide on the high side, Dan Mech was in the middle with one car next to him.  That car that was next to Dan hit a rut and turned into Dan which sent our car owner into Bill.  Bill hit the wall pretty hard and damaged the right side suspension.  He pulled it into the pits and that was the end of the night for Bill.
Next weekend we are headed to Madison for the Mid Am race there.  Plans are to go on Saturday May 5th, for practice and our race is Sunday.  Looking forward to Madison, we always have a good time there.

Feb 23rd, 2018

I guess that I have neglected this for far too long.   There have been a few pieces of news that I should have let you know.
In January we went to a banquet for the Mid American Series.  It was great to see a few of the drivers again.  Winter always gets too long.  After the banquet we took a short trip to the Florida Keys for some rest and relaxation.  When we returned, Bill and Mark Melchiori drove to Austin, Texas.  Bill wanted to try the road race course at The Circuit of the Americas.  He had heard what a great facility it was and wanted to try it out.  I flew down and met up with him there.  Weather was a little on the cool side but of course warmed up the day we left.
Bill managed to race in all the races he was scheduled, but on the last day had some brake issues.  He still had a great time.
The trip home was not as pleasant.  There was a snow storm in Missouri and he parked the motor home and trailer just short of a large accident along the highway.  He drove through the aftermath of it and was glad he didn't see it first hand.   He was supposed to be home on Monday but did't make it until Tuesday.   I ended up missing a couple of flights and got home on Monday night instead of Sunday.
Still it was a great trip.
This weekend we will be going to The World of Wheels at the fair park on Saturday night.  We always enjoy seeing a lot of old friends there.
Our season starts on April 15th with the Mid American Series and May 12th for the Modifieds at The Dells.  I'll let you know if and when we will be racing the Legends car of Dan and Ryan Mech.

Oct 18th, 2017

We made it back to US Air Motorsports Raceway Park this past Saturday for a Legends Car race.  It was a rain or shine show and again we had some of both.  There was a quick practice session in the morning with qualifying around 1 pm.  Bill qualified 6th and he started his first heat race in the 4th spot.  He finished 3rd in the first heat and started his second heat in the 2nd spot.  Now it had started to rain just a little.  He took the lead for a couple of laps but the # 140 of Aaron Moyer caught up to Bill and battled back and forth with him for a couple of laps exchanging the lead a few times.  It was a fun race to watch although I think the outcome could have been better.  With a lap or 2 left in the race Moyer passed Bill and went on to win.  Bill settled for 2nd.
They lined Bill up for the feature 6th (all races are single file) and on the first lap a couple of cars in front of him spun in the sixth turn.  Bill ran most of the race in second but near the end of the race another car passed him and he had to settle for 3rd.  That race was run in the rain.  Slower speeds but still good racing.
This Saturday, October 22nd, we will be going back to that same track for the third and last race of the series.  It looks like we will be in for a lot of warm weather and sunshine for the day.  Qualifying should start around 12:30 with the racing to follow.  This will be the last race of the season for us.

Oct 10th, 2017

Bill did get the Mid Am car done in time to take it to LaCrosse this past weekend.  He had a lot of help from Jeff and Tom Jasinski and Bill Tandetzke.   Without their help, he never would have finished in time.
We left Thursday night for LaCrosse and drove most of the way in the rain.  Our show was Friday and  we did get some practice in.  He thought it was fairly good but really couldn't tell because the track was pretty damp.  Then the rains came and didn't stop until they cancelled the show for that night.  We did get rescheduled for Sunday afternoon.  We decided to leave for Shawano that night and made it most of the way to USA Air Motorsports Raceway Park.  What a great facility for the Legends cars to run on.  It was a rain or shine show and we got some of everything.  We qualified in the rain, ran 1 heat race in some rain, ran the second heat race while the track was drying up and ran the feature in the sun.  He qualified 6th and placed 3rd in both heats.  Ryan Mech placed 6th in the feature with Bill 7th and Dan Mech 8th.
We packed up and headed back to LaCrosse for the Sunday Mid Am show.  They did cancel qualifying and had one practice session at 10:45.  They took the fastest times of that session and added the roll of the dice for the line up of the feature.  Bill started third row inside for the feature.  He did make it up to second but was passed by the #23 of Gilster on the restart and the #3 of Vandemeier a few laps later.  On the last lap the #87 of Swan also passed him, so Bill did finish 5th.  Since the car was not quite what he thought it should be, he will have all winter to go over the car for next year.
Bill finished 5th in points in the Mid Am Series.  Not too bad for missing a few shows after his engine expired in May.  Still he had a great year of racing.  He ran at least 5 new tracks this year including Bristol with Bill Tandetzke's modified.  What a thrill to run at Bristol.  Angell park was another new track along with US Air Motorsports Raceway Park both with the Legends car.
We still have 2 more races scheduled with the Legend car.  Back to US Air Motorsports Raceway Park for another road course race this Saturday Oct 14th and possibly Saturday Oct. 21st.
We both want to thank Bill Tandetzke for the use of the Modified.  Bill had a ball driving it, and to Dan and Ryan Mech for the opportunity to drive a Legend car.  Although it was the hardest thing he ever raced he still enjoyed the challenge.  Thanks to Jeff and Tom Jasinski for the whole summer of both working to get it ready and at the track when they could.  I appreciate all the help they gave us.

Oct 2nd, 2017

Another rough day at Rockford this past Sunday.  These end of the year shows are usually fun, but they also bring in drivers from other tracks that don't always show the respect that the travelers have learned.
Bill qualified 3rd after finding a left rear spring that gave up.  He didn't have time to change it before  qualifying.  He got a new one in before the heat and it made a world of difference.  Car was back to normal again.  Bill started in the 4th row outside for the feature and I don't think they got one lap in when the first of many yellows came out.  On the restart of the first caution the 01 of Ryan Gutknecht had a flat tire.  He left the track and that pushed Bills row up.  Now he was starting in the third row on the outside.  (Still on the outside which is the preferred lane at Rockford.)   The green flag flew and I thought it was going to prove to be a good race.  On lap 4, Jeremy Bloomberg in the #18 go a half a car length in front of Bill and decided he had to have that spot.  I'm not sure where his spotter was, maybe eating bon bons at the trailer, but even I could tell he hadn't cleared Bill.  That sent Bill crashing into the turn 1 wall hard and that was the end of our race.  We didn't see the end of the race because Bill tried to get the car into the trailer.  It was an ugly show which is a shame.  It was the biggest car count this season.
Our plans for next week end will be LaCrosse on Friday night (IF he can fix it for that) and Shawno on Saturday with Dan Mechs Legend.  That will be a road course and we are both looking forward to that.

Sept 25th, 2017

What a great weekend of racing at the Dells last Saturday night.  They had their fall special with numerous divisions and twin features for all divisions.
The weather was not conducive to sitting around in a full racing suit including long underwear and extra socks.  Temps were in the 90's and very humid.  Bill practiced pretty well in the first session but decided not to go out for the second practice.  He said the track was too hot and slippery.
Qualifying came and the times were not posted so we didn't know he had fast time until it was time for the anthem.  No heats tonight  and the modifieds were the first feature.  Bill lined up in the last row and started to pass cars.  He kept passing and with a few laps left he was fighting for 2nd.  Then the car along side of him and Bill got together.  Bill wasn't sure what had caused that but the other car tapped out and Bill received his spot back.  Now he was running 2nd.  (Tapped out means that the other car took responsibility for the yellow.)  On the restart he lined up outside of the car that was leading and eventually pulled in front of him and won the first feature.  It was going to be a little while before the 2nd feature started.  Luckily the sun went down and it cooled off.
After every other divisions had their first feature and a few last chance races finished, it was time for our second feature to start.  They lined up the field the way they finished the first race and again Bill had to start in the rear.  Bill again pulled past some of the cars and fought to go to the front.  Another late race yellow came out and on the restart Bill started behind the leader.  The second place car passed the leader and Bill followed him through.  That's the best that he could do as the checkered flag waved.   He did win the overall championship for the weekend.  Couldn't ask for much better.  Not bad for a 20 year old dirt car that came to us in pieces a couple of weeks ago..  Bill drove it twice.  First time he won the fast dash and 3rd in the feature.  Thanks Bill Tandetzke for the chance to drive the car.  Thanks also to Gary, Sue and Mike Budzien for helping us out on Saturday night.

Our next adventure will be on Sunday October 1st.  We will be at Rockford with the Mid Am car.




Sept 18th, 2017

What a great weekend for car shows.  Our first stop was in Hartford for the Southeastern WI Short Track Hall of Fame.  We had a lot of visitors for that show.  It was great to be back there with The Wedge.  On Sunday we took  The Wedge to the Hales Corners Reunion in New Berlin.  What a great time we had talking with all of our old friends.  Even John Kaishian showed up.  Just great to see everyone again.  I will be posting a picture of all the drivers that were there.  Wish I could name everyone.

Sept 11th, 2017

We made the maiden run to the Dells for the modified that Bill put together this summer.  He was as surprised as I was at how good the car was.  He turned 5th in time and was in the fast dash.  He did win that race and the car was pretty good.  The starting position for the feature was straight up, so Bill started 3rd row from the back.  The initial start was a bad one and Bill Tanketzke's #1 ended up tearing off the left  side of his car through no fault of his own.  On the restart Bill's #5 just passed a couple of cars and kept going forward.  He passed the front car to take the lead.  He stayed up there for a number of laps before the #95 car of Jerry Blystone took the lead from him.  Another caution came out and Bill restarted the race outside of Blystone and fought back to retake the lead.  Bill never did make it back to the front and ended up losing 2nd on the very last corner of the race.  He did finish 3rd and was pretty pleased with that.
Sept 16th we will be at the Hall of Fame car show in Hartford with the Wedge and the next day we will also take the Wedge to the Hales Corners reunion at 17980 W Beloit Rd from 10 am to 6 pm.  The New Berlin VFW Post.  Looking forward to seeing all the old Hales Corners group.

Sept 6th, 2017

This past Saturday we took the Mid Am car to the Dells.  It was the first time back with Mid Am series since the engine came apart at IRP in May.
Bill had some chassis issues before qualifying and only managed a 9th spot for qualifying.  But as luck would have it, he started front row outside after the roll of the dice.  With the start of the race, Bill battled with the inside lane for a few laps.  He was able to get to the inside lane and battled most of the race with the eventual winner of Ron Vandemeier.  With only two cautions in the race it turned out to be a pretty good show.  The first caution came out on lap 30 with 2 cars spinning in turn 3.  The second caution came out on the restart.
Bill got challenged by Dan Gilster close to the end of the race and Bill finished up 3rd to Gilster and Vandemeier.
Nineteen cars were present, which was one of our bigger shows.  Loved having all those cars show up.  I hope the last two events will bring that many.
The next time we will race the Mid Am car will be at Rockford on October 1st.
Sunday, Sept 3rd Bill ran Dan Mechs Legend at 141 Speedway.  What a nice facility.  As soon as Bill took the car off the trailer he knew he had a problem.  The clutch was slipping and he knew he wouldn't be competitive.  Still it was a good show with lots of cars in all divisions.  Bill did finish the race and he got to run on another new track.  That makes at least 3 this year.
Saturday Sept 9th we will be taking Bill Tandetzke's  Modified back to the Dells.  First time Bill will be driving the second Modified of Tandetzke's.  He ran his other car at Bristol and a couple of other places earlier this year.

See you all at the Dells for some Modified racing on Sept 9th.

August 28th, 2017

I have quite the list of places that we have been racing since our engine expired in May.  I don't have all the info on them but I will give it a try.

June 11th was Angell Park and I know he finished 10th there.

July 8th and 9th we went to GingerMan with the road race car.  On Saturday he was a little more careful driving the car after wrecking it at Gateway last fall.  He qualified 21st and not sure where he finished.  Sunday at GingerMan he qualified 11th and finished 8th.  Another new track that he had never been to.

July 14th was another Legend race at Darlington, WI.  (another new track)

July 23rd he raced at Slinger with the Legend

July 29th was the Dells with the Modified.  He had fast time, missed winning the dash by inches and finished 4th in the feature.  Not allowed to go 3 wide there and he had nowhere to go.

July  30th was another Legend race at Angell Park.

August 20th was a Legend Race at Angell Park.  It was a big event with almost a full house there.  It was there annual Corn Fest and a really good crowd of spectators were there.  Bill is still trying to get a hand on that little devil.  It looks like it would be easy to drive but he has said more than once that it is the hardest thing he has tried to drive yet.

This past weekend we went to Road America to relax and watch the Trans Am, Arca and Xfinity races.  Dispite the rain on and off it was a great weekend.  We even snuck a dirt race in at Oshkosh with Dale and Anita Weyer.

We did get our Mid Am motor back and will be going to The Dells on Sept 2nd for a Mid Am race.  I'm looking forward to be getting back to the Mid Am series again.  Then on Sunday the 3rd we will be taking the Legend to 141 for one of their shows.  Should be a busy weekend.

August 24th, 2017

Well I lied.  I won't be able to update today.  The shop is really busy and we are headed to Road America this weekend.  Too much to do and not enough time to do it in.  I will update early next week.

August 23rd, 2017

I bet you were all wondering where went to.  Well I have been having a hard time with my new program but it looks like I am back up and running.  Sorry for the interruption.  Tomorrow I will try to fill you in on what has been going on with Bill and his racing.

June 12th, 2017

I have neglected to update for a while.  Here is the low down on what has been happening with "The Franklin Flyer" in the last couple of weeks.
After our trip to Bristol, we went to Indianapolis Fairgrounds on Thursday, where he was supposed to race on the mile dirt track.  We were really looking forward to that.  A new track, dirt and a mile long.  What an experience.  But it was not to be.  Mother nature had other plans.  It had rained for a couple of days and the track was to wet to even cross to get into the pit area.  They waited for sometime before they cancelled the race.  So then it was time to change the car back to an asphalt car.  He did that in the parking lot of the dirt track along with a couple of other cars that were in the same race.  We ended up camping across the street from Lucas Oil Speedway for the night.
Friday we hit the track and Bill qualified 3rd.  With no heat races he started the feature in the 4th row and waited for an opening.  He finally found that after about 8 laps and headed for the front of the field.  He took over the front spot and lead until laps 32.  That's when he developed a vibration and decided to pull it in rather than explode something or destroy it.  As it turned out he broke the crankshaft and would never had made it even one more lap.  It's a good thing he brought it in or there may have been engine pieces all over the track.
We are done with Mid Am until we get the engine rebuilt which may take a little while to do.
We are not sitting around idle.  Bill is still playing with horsepower and we were at Angell Park this past Sunday June 11th.  Dan and Ryan Mech have an extra car that they asked Bill if he would like to try his hand at a Legend.  Although the temps were hitting 90 degrees he decided to try his hand at the car.  They don't qualify and since Bill has no points he had to start in the rear of the heat race.  He finished the race in 7th place and that allowed him to start in the 7th row on the inside.  In the feature he looked a lot more comfortable than the heat race.  He even passes a few cars and even at one point passed both Ryan and Dan.  Ryan did pass him back but not before there was a perfect picture opportunity of the 3 of them in the middle of turn 3 & 4.  Of course I didn't have my camera ready in time but I hear Diane Mech did.  If I get that picture I will post it.   Ryan finished 7th, Bill 10th and Dan finished 11th.  But best of all, Bill had fun.
Since we haven't a motor for the Mid Am car, the rest of this month is a little shy on race days.  I will let you know when our adventures continue.

May 24th, 2017

We made it to Bristol last weekend.  It was a long tough journey to get there but we did make it on Thursday.  We had a couple of practice sessions for our division.  Bill lined up for the first practice session and the skies grew darker and darker.  Then it poured and he and the car were soaked.  That put practice behind almost an hour.  He did get on the track later that afternoon.  His times were slower than he would have liked.  He came back in and made a few adjustments for the next session.  The car got faster but so did all the other cars.  On our last practice session he got to run under the lights.  It was quite an experience.
On Saturday he had one more practice session and he was hoping the car would have been better but that was not to be.  He went out for qualifying and missed the show by 20 or so cars.  He had one more chance to make it in the consi.  He started the race in the 5th row and never got past 6th place.  They took the top 4 from the consi and put them in the feature.  With about 5 or 6 laps to go the engine started to over heat.  Bill decided to pull it in and that was the end of our Bristol trip.
I certainly wish it would have turned out better but we still got to race at Bristol.  It was a great time.  We even had a couple of friends come from North Carolina.  Dave Spitzer and his son Shawn were there and it was great to see them.
I would like to thank all the people that made this trip happen.  First of all without Bill Tandentzke none of this would have happened.  He is the car owner after all.  Thanks Bill, we had a great time and experience.  And the list goes on.  Jeff and Tom Jasinski for working all those late hours.  George from Motor Masters for getting us connected with the engine.  Dick Karth for the extra help you did.  Justin Grosser for helping deliver that new engine and Mark Silber for helping with all the last minute details. That was a long trip from North Carolina to Kentucky.  Another big thank you to Heather Rae and Cathy Sunday for allowing the guys to spend the time and money that was involved.
Now we are headed to Indiana State Fairgrounds for a dirt race with the Mid Am car Thursday night.  Another new track for Bill to try.  This one should be exciting as it is a 1 mile dirt track.  The next day we will be at Lucas Oil Raceway with the same car.  That's what the Mid Am division is about.  All the new tracks whether dirt, asphalt or road courses that we run on.  That's why Bill got into this series.  Can't wait to let you all know how it turns out.  Or better yet... come watch.

May 8th, 2017

Our long weekend started with leaving early Saturday morning for a race at South Bend Motor Speedway.  Bill was going to his second race with the NSTA series with Bill Tandetzke's modified.  South Bend is a small track and he had a fighting chance to run well.  He qualified 3rd and was really happy with that.  Feature time came and he started the race in the 3rd row outside.  After the start of the race he was involved in a 4th turn incident and they had a full restart.  The second restart wasn't much better.  This time they got 2 laps in before Bill got tagged and spun out in turn 2.  This time they went to the rear of the field and had to fight back from there.  He managed a 13th place finishing spot.  We were at that track with the Mid Am cars way back in 1995 or so and Bill didn't remember how tight the track was.  It's a hard place to race.
We hurried home for a Mid Am race on Sunday afternoon in Madison.  He got a few laps in for practice before qualifying.  He earned a 2nd place qualifying spot for the feature.  They started the 30 lap feature straight up with the fast cars at the rear of the field.  He passed a few cars and sat back and waited for the field to open up.  He finally took over the lead and held onto it for the rest of the race.  It was a great win.  It was the first time that 2 of our grandkids were in the pits with us helping us out.  Carson really stepped up helping us out and I think he learned a lot too.  Kenzi was a big help too.  Thanks kids, you were great.
Our next race for the Modified will be at Bristol, TN on May 20th.  At least that's what our plans are for now.  I will keep you informed when it gets a little closer.  We need a little more horsepower and are working on that.  We will see if that happens.  If it does then we will go.
Our next race for Mid Am will be the Indianapolis Fairgrounds where we will be running the 1 mile dirt track on Thursday May 25th and on Friday we will run Lucas Oil Raceway 5/8 asphalt.  Then our plans will be to run 141 Speedway on Sunday night May 28th with a Legend for Dan and Ryan Mech.  I think on Monday we will sleep.
See you all at the races.

April 23rd, 2017

Our first Mid Am race was at Rockford this past weekend.  We had a fresh paint job and it looked great.  Bill spent all winter stripping and rebuilding the car with the help of Jeff and Tom Jasinski.  Without their help he never would have gotten the car done in time for Rockford.
I was worried about taking it to Rockford because they don't seem to come home as pretty as they go there.  This time I had to eat my words.  Only minor scratches were found when we looked the car over at the end of the race.
Bill qualified in the 2nd position with Dan Gilster taking the top spot in qualifying.   Bill started in the 6th row on the inside for the start of the feature. (Inside is not the preferable lane to be in.)  He tried to  pass and did make a few passes but could not make it to the front.  Only 1 caution flag flew throughout our race.  Bill ended up finishing 6th but at the end of the day was credited with 5th due to a disqualification of the first place car.  As it turned out Lyle Nowak won the feature and Bill was 5th.  Special thanks to Jeff and Tom Jasinski for making my day easier.  Thanks guys!
Still a great day coming home from Rockford.
Our next Mid Am race will be Madison on May 7th.

March 15th, 2017

Bill has been working on the Mid Am car most of the winter and is slowly getting it done for opening day at Rockford on April 23rd.  That's only a month away and there is still a lot to do.
Before the Mid Am race we will be going to Lucas Oil Raceway with a modified.  He has a chance to run with the NSTA series.  Their race will be on April 2nd.  That car has some work to do on it too, but I sent in the entry form today so he will have to get it done.  I will keep you posted as to how it is going.

Feb 17th, 2017

I had to rebuild our web site due to an old program that I was using and was not able to use anymore.  I have had to relearn and it took me some time to figure this all out.  I still have a lot to learn so please be patient.  You know what they say about old dogs and new tricks.

A lot has happened since I last wrote.

I will not be able to fill you in on all that happened at the end of last season.  Bill did finish 5th in points with the Mid American Stock Car Series.  He missed 3 races with the series and was pleased to finish 5th.
Bill raced all of the Slinger races with the Midwest Sportsman Series and finished 4th for the season.
He also raced the TUNDRA Series and had a great time finishing with an overall of third.  He did not race all of the races with that series and still finished well at the end of the season.  I think my most memorable race was at LaCrosse.  There was a small amount of racers that day so instead of having a 30 lap race that would have been strung out, the officials decided to have 2 fifteen lap features.  Bill started in the last row for both of the features.   He won both of them even though there were a few strong cars in front of him.   The second feature proved to be the most exciting of all.  He laid back until the last couple of laps before making his move and passed them all on the outside.  There is a video on line of these last couple of laps and it has had more the 45,000 hits.  Of course I have watched it a few times and still love the outcome.
We also took our Road Race car to Gateway in St Louis at the end of October.  Another new track that he has never been to.  He had the opportunity to race on the road course  and also on the oval.  The road course went well but the oval was not so kind to him.  He only got a couple of laps in when a rear trailing arm broke.  He ended up backing into the wall and luckily he was not hurt.  It's a fast track and he estimated to be going about 150 mph.  The car on the other hand was done for the day.
The 2017 season is shaping up to be a lot of fun. We will be running a few Mid American races, possibly more Slinger with the Midwest Sportsman Series and a few Modified races with Bill Tandetzke.  Bill has also been asked to run a Legend Car which is something he has never done.  Looks to be a busy year coming up.  I will keep you as informed as I can as the racing season comes closer.  Our first date will be April 2nd at Lucas Oil with the Modified.  He is looking forward to that.